American Institute of Architects Forced to Trim Expenses, Furlough Staff

While their Billings Index once again ticked up slightly this month, the American Institute of Architects is apparently suffering regardless of how the industry it represents might possibly be on the mend. In a recent announcement made by their president, Marvin Malecha, it was said that the AIA was dealing with fewer membership dues and less attendees (and thus, revenue) at their events and thus, they would be cutting back on their expenses and asking their staff to take two week-long, unpaid breaks in order to try and help stabilize their coffers. Though always an optimist, Malecha said he’s still expecting that the AIA will come out stronger once the recession/depression passes. Here’s a bit:

…AIA executive vice president and CEO Christine McEntee said, “Due to the prolonged recession, we are forecasting a budget shortfall for 2009 and decided to take preemptive measures” to control expenses. The furloughs, McEntee noted, were instituted to stave off staff reductions. “It is an unfortunate necessity,” McEntee said, “in order to retain all of our staff while continuing to provide service to our members.”

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