Analyzing Rupert Murdoch’s Revenge Tweets

The Rupert Murdoch Twitter Experience continues. He has bored us, he has surprised us, and now — like any Twitter veteran does at least once — he has vowed revenge against his many enemies. Let’s breakdown Murdoch’s mini rant, which began last night.

A strong start. When making threats on social networks it’s wise to be vague. If you tweet “I’m gonna punch [insert hater’s name here] in the face tomorrow! #PunchingTime #YeahBoyyyyy” the cops might show up and ruin everything.

Unfortunately we have to take some points away from Murdoch for this one. “Toff” is British slang for someone who thinks they’re better than others, but we only know that because we Googled it. Murdoch needs to understand that people on Twitter don’t want to actually have to learn anything. That’s what Friendster is for.

The final tweet in the rant shows Murdoch finishing just as fiery as he began. “Let’s have it on!” is close enough to Michael Buffer’s famous “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” for us.

FishbowlNY also appreciates Murdoch mentioning individual personal responsibility, but let’s not explain why. We think you can figure it out, and besides, we don’t want to spark more Internet rants from Murdoch. Or do we?

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