‘Anchorman’ Marketing Off to a Good Start

You’ve heard, and you’re excited. There’s going to be an Anchorman sequel! Ron Burgundy is back and he’s bringing his jazz flute. This news totally took the edge off of last night’s Azarenka loss. Azarenkaaaa!

Ron Burgundy” has been trending on Twitter all day and just about every media outlet has helped to spread the news, even though the movie isn’t expected until next year. But as we’ve seen with a couple of recent releases, building the right buzz for a movie long before it actually hits theaters is critical.

Anchorman has a following, which is a plus. But it has been years since the first movie. And though it was influential in its way and has been watched repeatedly over the years, it’s important, with all the movies being tossed at us, to lay the right foundation for a successful opening.

Now we know that the Ron Burgundy style of hysterical wackiness hasn’t diminished (this was a great way to break the news). Conan is a great place to make the announcement; they share the same kind of off-kilter sense of humor. And they’re using Funny or Die to give the announcement longer legs. The clip above (h/t PopWatch) offers an “exclusive” backstage view.

By drumming up early excitement, it’s something Will Ferrell, etc can build on in the months ahead. WaPo is helping by brainstorming a title, which will generate more headlines when it’s announced. Yay.

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