And the Number One Country to Work From Overseas Is…

suitcaseIf you’re contemplating working overseas and becoming an expatriate, here’s the scoop. According to a survey conducted by HSBC with over 9,000 expats weighing in on economics, overall experience and family life, top honors go to…Switzerland.

Sounds like they’re living the good life in Switzerland with high household incomes, extra disposable income and a strong, healthy economy. Oh, did we mention the Swiss chocolate? There, we just did.

While the expat survey didn’t rank as high for their social life and ease for foreigners to make local friends, on the monetary front it seems pretty darn great.

Another country that ranked high was China. Coming in third place, per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, it ranks the highest satisfaction financially. That said, it ranked poorly in terms of its travel, culture, lifestyle and frustrations related to adapting.

Other countries on the well-liked expat meter include Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany and Belgium.

Let’s flip things upside down, shall we? Egypt ranked low on almost every count except for the cost of child care and education. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom ranked above Egypt at the bottom of the list. Here’s why: Expats reported a weak work-life balance, poor accommodations, mediocre child care and the high cost of living.

As for the good ol’ U.S. of A., inpatriates relocating here from abroad didn’t exactly find our soil too welcoming. Well, they did report it was easy to set up utilities here so thanks, we think?