And the Person Who Appeared Most Frequently This Year on the Sunday Shows Is…

Not Donald Trump.

USA Today has been faithfully tracking guest appearances on the Sunday shows (ABC News’ This Week, CBS News’ Face the Nation, CNN’s State of the Union, Fox’s Fox News Sunday and NBC News’ Meet the Press) for 2015 and 2016, and Bernie Sanders comes out on top in its final tally, just one appearance shy of 100.

Taking the number two spot is Donald Trump, with 81. The competition drops more steeply after that, with John Kasich in third with 51. Coming in at number four, and the first journalist on the list, is Fox News analyst Juan Williams. Political consultant Matthew Dowd rounds out the top five with 46 appearances.

USA Today’s own Washington bureau chief, Susan Page, makes it into the top ten with 38 appearances.

With the end of the year being nigh, we think it’s a great time for self-reflection, for the Sunday show staffs to consider questions like: Maybe there really isn’t much news value in repeatedly booking guests who wrack up 51, 81, 99 appearances throughout the year? Maybe we should expand our idea of who makes news and what is newsworthy so that we aren’t constantly engaging in the same ideas about the same things with the same people? Maybe make a resolution to that effect?

You can check out USA Today’s full tally here, and play around with filters that include occupation, race, gender, network and party.

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