Animoca Launches Tiffany Alvord Dream World on iOS, Android

Tiffany AlvordStar Girl developer and publisher Animoca has announced the launch of Tiffany Alvord Dream World on iOS and Android devices. The game stars Tiffany Alvord, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame on YouTube after she began uploading her songs to the video sharing network in 2008. Today, Tiffany has over 2.2 million subscribers, and those fans (and mobile gamers) can now experience a world of music and fashion as they work to become a star under her instruction.

Tiffany Alvord Dream World was built using the Star Girl engine, owned by Complete Star Limited, a joint venture of Crosby Capital Limited and Animoca. Therefore, it plays in an almost identical fashion to games in that franchise (like Star Girl: Beauty Queen, as an example). Users complete quests by dressing their avatar in the latest fashions, completing jobs in the recording studio and more.

Where similar games may have focused on romance and weddings, here, players work to become a popular singer by recruiting bandmates, rather than romantic interests. Users accumulate charm points as they dress in better pieces of clothing, and will need those charm points to access different areas of the cafe, where bandmates wait for recruitment.

Players spend energy, coins or premium currency to recruit new band members, who are then brought back to the studio. Like a boyfriend in traditional Star Girl games, these band members give users three free gifts over time, and can then be replaced with another bandmate for additional gifts.

Elsewhere, players can try a few mini-games to earn prizes, including a scratch-off game, a yoga challenge game that sees users identifying the “odd man out” in a lineup of yoga poses, and a game that has users quickly picking out a piece of clothing to match a model on the screen. Finally, players can try a music mini-game that includes snippets from Alvord’s songs.

“Tiffany is a remarkable young artist,” said David Kim, CEO of Animoca, in a statement. “She is one of the biggest music stars on YouTube and represents a ‘new wave’ of music artists that emerge organically from social channels, with little or no prompting from the traditional music industry. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with her and hope that Tiffany Alvord fans everywhere enjoy her first game.”

Tiffany Alvord Dream World is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is coming soon to the Amazon Appstore.