Ann Coulter Cuts Off C-SPAN Caller

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter went on C-SPAN this morning to discuss her new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

As was to be expected with this guest, the callers got a little testy, and as usual, incredibly long-winded.

“John” a Republican from Irwin, Pa., went on endlessly about Republicans opposing Mormonism and began drifting into oil subsidies when Coulter lost all patience.

“Wait, can we just take one at a time?” she said. “I’m gonna be really bored with your second question on oil subsidies, so let’s skip that one and we’ll stick with your Mormon bashing.”

Soon enough, a woman with a strong New York accent from Flaaarida, starting going off on the secret video of Mitt Romney at a fundraiser. Though the woman kept insisting that Coulter let her finish, she shut her down, too. “This isn’t an MSNBC broadcast,” she snapped. “He didn’t say deadbeat.”

Some fun facts on Ann:

* Her book tour will consist of D.C., Philly, L.A., and Pamona. “I really don’t like to travel,” she said.

* She thinks the MSM is ignoring her book. “Well, the entire mainstream media is pretending this book doesn’t exist unlike any of my other eight books. I got more attention for my first book, when I was working at a law firm. This is a more aggressive attack on the mainstream media than even my second book, Slander, and I think they don’t want people to read it.”

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