Anonabox Kickstarter Campaign Suspended

Kickstarter suspended the campaign after allegations of the hardware's unoriginality.


Anonabox, the Kickstarter campaign that saw success last week, has been permanently suspended. Funding was halted for the project after a Kickstarter review of allegations about the device’s originality.

The campaign’s funding goal of $7,500 was surpassed on its first day, and it eventually gained over $500,000 in pledges. However, the campaign’s initial success was disrupted when a developer for the project, August Germar, participated in a Reddit AMA about the device.

Redditor asherlangton pointed out the hardware’s similarity to existing devices. The user also posted photos comparing the circuit boards of the Anonabox and a Chinese router:

Redditor xyrth wrote: “[Germar] needs to post the hardware design, or change his Kickstarter to state that he didn’t design the hardware and that it is not ‘100% open source.’ End of story.”

“I never imagined there would be so much fixation on the details of the hardware,” wrote Germar, prompting Redditors to point out that the fixation was not so much on the hardware, but on the campaign’s claim of original design.

People who pledge money to a Kickstarter campaign see the funds deducted at the end of the funding period. Since Anonabox failed to reach the end of its fundraising period, its backers won’t see any funds deducted from their accounts.