AnonymASS Tipster of the Week Part III

Yesterday, we addressed one ASS about the issue of why we weren’t covering boring shit. We were actually kind of nice to that ASS. We suggested that maybe some of the smaller publications should look into getting better representation to help spread their word. Plenty of reputable organizations have great organizing skills and push their material out to get more eyeballs on it. We also agreed to look into lesser-known pubs and see if they had anything that didn’t bore us out of our skulls. Not content with that answer, we received the following note from, presumably, the same ASS.

Hey Betsy, in response to your outrageous response to the anonymous tipster (to whom you crassly refer to as ASS), you are wrong: There is a wealth of interesting media (both online and print) in this city that you completely neglect. And you are hugely mistaken by assuming it’s the job of these other publications to contact you directly and pimp themselves and their content. NO, it’s YOUR job as the writer of this blog to research and write about them

Thanks, ASS. I think that a lot of this was genuinely covered in our original post. We stand by our original comments that we feel no obligation to cover stories to mindlessly present variety. We cover what we find interesting. Besides, some of these publications that you want us to cover operate in third-world country-like conditions. No office phone or direct email contacts. Hell, we’d be surprised if Washington City Paper had potable water for it’s employees.

But, the ASSES were out in force yesterday. They attacked as a pack and continued sending us their VERY helpful tips.

wow, that’s amazing — someone writes in with constructive criticism about your (lame, monotonous, repetitive) coverage and you call them an ASS? yikes. a little piece of advice: if you’re gonna dish it out, please learn how to take it. #cringeworthy

Hey, ASS, this isn’t Twitter. Save the hashtags and just call it cringeworthy if that’s what you think it is. And, yes! If you are an ASS, then we will call you an ASS.

Note to readers: Doing an image search on “Group of asses” yielded some interesting results. Don’t try this at the newsroom.