Anonymous Messaging App Outpour Launches on iOS


It can often be embarrassing, opening one’s heart to another person in an expression of gratitude and admiration, but a new iOS app aims to break down that barrier via the help of anonymity. Outpour, available today on iOS, allows users to post anonymous messages about their friends and contacts, with the goal of brightening someone’s day.

Outpour messages require no reciprocation, and since they’re anonymous, the developer says the app avoids the “vanity” of other social networks, which may become more about collecting followers than true connections. While users are required to signup and create a profile within the app, this is used for easily importing contacts into one’s Outpour address book, and giving other users a way to view the Outpours that have been written about each individual.

When writing a note, users compose it within the app, before it’s anonymously sent to the user’s phone via text message. Friends can invite others to join the app itself, where all of these Outpours of appreciation are then shared on one’s wall (but, again, the authors remain anonymous). Users can comment on or “like” individual notes as the love grows for that person.

“Gratitude and positivity are extremely beneficial for individuals, both emotionally and physically, as well as for society as a whole,” said Calvin Liu, founder of Outpour, in a statement. “Yet expressing gratitude is not a daily habit, and we rarely take the time to do it. Expressing gratitude has social and reputational costs, so we created Outpour to encourage kind words by harnessing the power of anonymity to loosen lips.”

Outpour is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.