Another Reason To Telecommute: Government Patent Examiners Work More, Cost Less

The Society for Human Resource Management has written about a telecommuting success story at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

After instituting a “hoteling” option in 2006, defined as telecommuting at least four days out of the week, with the option to access shared office space if necessary, the agency has found that workers participating in the program work just a bit more and cost a lot less.

Hoteling patent examiners worked an average of 66 hours more per year (or an hour and fifteen minutes extra a week) and processed 4% more patent applications, a government report found, for a $1,000-per-year revenue boost. They also use fewer sick days and save a collective $15 million in real estate costs.

The report found that the USPTO could expect to save $1,710 per teleworking employee in the first year and $3,385 in each subsequent year.

More food for thought when you try to tell your boss you should be working from home.

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