Apple 1 Billion iPhone Apps Download Countdown Promotion

I shouldn’t have been, but I was stunned to learn that nearly 1 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store in less than 10 months (the App Store launched last July). But, it is and Apple has a countdown counter and promotion page at…

Apple – iTunes – 1 Billion App Countdown

Buying any app automatically enters you in a contest with giveaways including a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, iPod touch, Time Capsule and MacBook Pro.

Apple also provides two lists for the all-time top paid apps and all-time top free apps on iTunes
. It turns out that I’ve interviewed a bunch of the firms/people involved with those apps. I’ll put a list together of the podcasts they are in. Here’s a quick list (no podcast links) of apps whose developers/producers I’ve interviewed for podcasts.

– Koi Pond
– Enigmo & Cro-Mag Rally
– Ocarina
– iFart Mobile
– Google Earth

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