Apple to Go For Thin Bezels on iPad Mini

Apple launched the new iPad last week with no iPad Mini in sight, and that has sent the rumor mills working overtime. Digitimes reported this morning that their sources have told them some new gossip about the upcoming 7.85″ iPad.

The iPad Mini is rumored to have thinner bezels than most tablets, which would give it a more compact form factor. It’s said that Apple is making this design decision so the Mini could compete better against the Kindle Fire and other 7″ Android tablets. If this is true then the iPad Mini (I’m still not sure it exists) would look something like the concept video that Atmel Studios posted last week. That video featured a wishlist of iPad features, including an edge to edge screen.

The 7.85″ iPad is expected to be priced $249 to $299, but the rumor does not include any mention of a release date.


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