Apple to Launch iPad 3, New iPad 2 Model Next Week

The rumor mongers at Digitimes are back again, and this time they have the inside scoop on next week’s iPad launch. At this point pretty much everyone is assuming that Apple will unveil the iPad 3, but Digitimes’ source is reporting that Apple also has plans for a cheaper iPad 2.

If the rumor is to be believed, Apple is going to start selling an iPad 2 with only 8GB of storage. That’s only half the current iPad 2, and Apple is supposedly releasing it in order to go after a cheaper segment of the tablet market.

Some will take this tale as gospel, but I’m not so sure. In the past Apple has usually retired older models when a new one is launched. For example, the original iPad went on sale shortly after the iPad 2 launched. Also, introducing a cheaper iPad 2 would seem to be a step back, and Apple is usually a step ahead of everyone.

I think Apple would be more likely to release an iPad 3 with only 8Gb of storage. This would let them eliminate the assembly line for the older model.