AppleCare Lesson 1: iPod touch Screen Weirdness

Photo 1: iPod touch with odd screen problem

Photo 2: Normal iPod touch screen
My daughter’s iPod touch screen went from displaying normally one moment to an odd looking screen that looks like a combination of color bit-depth loss and the loss of at least one color. The result is a purple-magenta cast and a grainy color look. You can see a photo of her iPod touch screen in Photo 1 and a photo of mine in Photo 2. Both were taken in the same place under the same diffused sunlit condition.
So, I scheduled an appointment the local Apple Store’s Genius Bar. After a bit of diagnostics, the resident iPod genius told me that he didn’t know what caused the problem. However, the problem is covered by the AppleCare extended warranty I had purchased at the time of purchase. A replacement 1st generation iPod touch is being shipped out to replace the malfunctioning one.
And, here’s the interesting thing I learned (it makes perfect sense though I never thought about it). If moisture is detected while troubleshooting an iPod touch, the AppleCare warranty is considered void. So, the lesson here is not to get your iPod touch web or leave it where it moisture might seep in.