AppleCare Lesson 2: MacBook Hairline Cracks

Last week I noted some of the discussion about…

Apple Privately Owning Up to MacBook Case Cracks? I Hope So!

I found some hairline cracks on the base of my own MacBook after inspecting it. So, I scheduled an appointment at the local Apple Store Genius Bar (45 minutes after my iPod touch troubleshooting appointment discussed in the previous blog item here). The Mac genius took a look at the cracks and then gave the entire case an inspection. After noting that my MacBook is in excellent condition (it is!), he said that the hairline cracks were covered by my AppleCare extended warranty (which expires next month, btw) because the cracks were on the base of the case. It sounded like cracks elsewhere would not be covered by AppleCare.

I don’t know what the situation is for out-of-warranty MacBooks. However, if your MacBook is still covered by AppleCare, check it the case now before your AppleCare agreement expires. I’m sure glad I checked my MacBook carefully before its AppleCare warranty ran out next month (3 years old!).