Apsalar introduces even more advanced user segmenting analytics

Mobile analytics company Apsalar is expanding its services with a new feature called Advanced User Segments.

The San Francisco-based startup, which sells itself as a much more sophisticated analytics service provider than rivals Flurry and Kontagent, now allows developers using the service to segment their audiences based on almost unlimited attributes.

“Say you’re a mobile game publisher. You can target anyone who is in the U.S., who uses an Android phone, has completed level five in your game and has spent more than three dollars in a specific game and $10 across all your games,” explains Apsalar’s CEO Michael Oiknine.

Developers using Apsalar’s advanced user segments can generate reports by mixing and matching user attributes based on events — such as reaching a certain level in a game or starting a cart and adding a specific SKU to it — or how many times a user has completed a specific event such as inviting a friend. Developers can also filter by a user’s lifetime value, revenue (both in a single app and across a developer’s catalog), platform, geography, connection type and by Apsalar’s Lifetime Engagement Index, which is a measure of how likely a user is to monetize based on what behaviors they show as they use an app. It’s also possible to sort by using both ‘and’ and ‘or’ between attributes. For example, developers can break out users who are from the U.S. and have reached level two, or users from either the U.S. or Canada who have either reached level two or invited 10 friends.

According to Oiknine, using advanced user segments to divide out low from high value users has already proven effective in beta testing. Apsalar created two reports that segmented an app’s high engagement users and low engagement users. Both groups were shown an ad for the app while using an unrelated app. Despite the fact that the same ad was shown to both the high and the low value users, the conversion and click through rate on the high value users was seven times higher than for the low value users.

“The value here is not everyone here is worth targeting,” he says. “However, there are other users that if you can find them, they will do a lot for your monetization.

While Apsalar is not revealing the exact size of its install base yet, Oiknine tells us the company’s unique users have increased by 7,000 percent since it launched in Feb. 2011 and its analytics are now used in more than 10,000 apps. The number of users actions the company tracks has increased by 36,000 percent to more than 10 billion a month.

The company — which is backed by $5.8 million in funding from Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, DN Capital, 500 Startups, Morado Venture Partners and Seraph Group — gives its analytics away for free, but charges based on a CPM model when clients want to use the data to target and serve advertising campaigns.

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