Are Celebrity Spokespeople Effective?

Depends on the voice.

The campaign to promote Invest In Us, programs that benefit early childhood development programs through help from public and private partners, launched this week with lots of celebrity fire power: Golden Globe nominees Julianne Moore and John Legend, Internet popular international singer Shakira and actress Jennifer Garner.

One of the PSAs used in the effort is posted above. Did you see Julianne Moore? No? That’s because she’s not in it. It’s just her voice.

Do people care as much if a celebrity spokesperson only lends their voice and not their face to a campaign? Not unless you have an iconic voice.

These PSAs win because they have tons of cute babies in them. BABIES. But would you be able to tell Julianne Moore’s voice from anyone else’s if I didn’t tell you that was her? Unless you’re a super fan, probably not.

Shakira has a pretty unique voice. But unless she’s using it in a song, it’s kind of hard to identify her voice as well. (She also recorded her PSA in Spanish, which is valuable, whether done by a celebrity or not.)

There are some voices that can stand on their own: James Earl Jones, whose deep bass brought life to Darth Vader. Morgan Freeman whose voice exudes wisdom. Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler, who ooze comedy when they open their mouths.

But in most cases, the point of having a notable name is featuring the famous face along with the script. So we’re kind of missing the “celebrity” aspect of this campaign with just the voice overs. Though we’re sure the celebrities involved will participate in the campaign in other ways.

In the meantime, let’s focus on the fact that this is a great cause: investment in local programs around the country that benefit education programs for children from infancy to five years old. The White House says they’ve raised $1 billion already for the project.

via Rolling Stone