Are Social Ads Going To Win The Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Americans will head to the polls this November, but part of the elections have already been decided: TV is no longer king when it comes to political ads.

The infographic “How Social Will Win the Election Ad Wars” comes to us from, and according to the stats it compiles, Twitter and Facebook are beginning to dominate the political discussion. Ads appearing on TV often don’t reach their audience, while the vast majority of governors, Congress and Presidential candidates are on Twitter.

TV ads, which used to be the weapon of choice for politicians reaching out to voters, are no longer reaching the audiences they used to: 1 in 3 voters either opt out of live TV or skip the commercials – which include political ads – on their DVRs. And this means that nearly a billion political ad dollars will be wasted.

When it comes to social, Obama paved the way in political advertising in the 2008 election. Although he only spent $500,000 that election campaign, online political ad spending is estimated to be at $142 million in 2012, nearly half of which will be social.

There are lots of stats that you can dig into here about why political ad spends on social media are so effective, so take a look and see for yourself why social will be a big player in the 2012 elections (click to enlarge):

(Election image via Shutterstock)

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