Vogue Photographer Patiently Awaits His Next Assignment

In Toronto for the opening of an exhibition of his photos at Yorkville’s Izzy Gallery, famed Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort took the time to chat with Canadian Press.


Among other things, he came up with a job title that really should be the one printed on Anna Wintour’s Condé Nast business cards:

Vogue are not using me at the moment. I don’t know why,” said the genial 74-year-old New York native, who suffered a stroke in 2011. “I’m going to wait and send (Wintour) a Christmas card and say, ‘I’m ready for you anytime you’re ready for me.’ But I think she’s so busy now because I think now she’s the head of everything, and that’s a lot of things to do.”

“And I can’t complain because she kept me. When Grace Mirabella left and Anna took over, most people got kicked out except me and (creative director) Grace Coddington. So we still talk all the time, but I never ask the question (about the next assignment). I feel funny asking the question. I don’t feel like I’m good at that.”

Elgort also has a great line about one of the key differences between being French Ambassador and Anna Wintour. Hint: It involves Paris fashion shows.

[Image via: izzygallery.com]

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