As Usual, HuffPost Wants Your Work Gratis

Not exactly known for appreciate their bloggers with money, HuffPost is seeking your help today tracking Hurricane Sandy. You won’t get anything from it except the glory of being on the site. But what the hell? Readers in potentially 90 mph winds have nothing better to do today, right?

The plea from HuffPost’s “Firsthand Team”:

“A Message From HuffPost: D.C. Readers, We Need Your Help Tracking The Storm” 

“Hello from Off The Bus! Hurricane Sandy is sweeping much of the Eastern U.S. Depending on where you live, you might experience flooding, snowstorms, heavy winds, power outages — or all of the above. We want to know what it looks like in your town. Show us how people are getting ready. Show us how neighbors are helping each other.”

Add photos to their Stormwatch Map. Send emails at Or tag your photos anywhere online with #hpsandy.

That’s right, just sign over your lives and disaster pictures to HuffPost free of charge and go on about your day.