From Ballroom Dancing to Firearms Curation

Media colleagues, get ready to learn how to properly spell and pronounce the name Hlebinsky. As in Ashley Hlebinsky, who in January will take over as the U.S.’s first female firearms curator.

Hlebinsky tells Billings, Montana NBC affiliate KULR that to go along with a recent national radio interview, another write-up is forthcoming in True West magazine. Although she still teaches ballroom dancing, she admits to reporter Penny Preston that the Cody Firearms Museum wing of the Buffalo Bill Center is a long way from Manhattan dance studios:

Ironically, her first passion had nothing to do with guns, or the west. When she was just fourteen, she started ballroom dancing in New York City.

She said, “And started competing then, and that continued throughout college, and into my first year of grad school, and then I realized I just couldn’t do it all.”

So, she decided to stick to guns.

Love it! Hlebinsky is taking over for the retiring Warren Newman. Watch the full KULR-TV report here.

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