Brings Back Jeeves

Speaking of characters, in a bizarre, extremely quick move, has decided to un-retire their spokes-drawing Jeeves, as well as their original name,, just two years after they made the departure. Which made us ask, “He was gone?” but we clearly must not have fit in the target demographic, as the company has said that the decision to bring back the spokescharacter was due in part to two years of constant requests from users who missed him (we should also note that two years in internet time is twenty years in human time, so while it doesn’t seem very long, think about what you were doing on the internet two years ago). Though while that’s the company line, that users were clamoring for Jeeves’ return, some viewers of the change see it as another desperate attempt to slice off a piece of Google’s near monopoly on search, with Ask making yet another re-branding effort and/or realizing they may have screwed up by changing what made them kind of unique in the first place: a character. But that’s all for you to decide, dear reader. In the interim, make sure you check out the new 3D-remaking of Jeeves, which we kinda like okay.