New Yorker Deputy Editor Answers the Question ‘What is a Magazine?’

The Association of Magazine Media/MPA’s annual conference has taken over San Francisco this week. The three-day, sold out event ends today.

There’s a good wrap-up of yesterday’s panel discussions from Folio’s TJ Raphael. For example, Chris Argentieri, president of El Segundo-based Source Interlink Media, talked about the fact that his company now has a 45-person production crew dedicated to YouTube content. There was also this:

Perhaps the largest takeaway from the first day of AMC came in the form of a question from Ethan Grey, vice president of digital for the MPA. He asked Pamela Maffei McCarthy, deputy editor of The New Yorker, “What is a magazine?”

“There is a core that goes across all titles and all times,” she said. “It’s a critical mass of writing and pictures, very often subject specific, with a voice. There was a time we assembled it all in one place and in one time. But now there are a dozen ways and it’s 24/7. We used to welcome readers to our world, now it’s to our universe where all sorts of things are going on.”

Today’s AMC 2012 agenda includes a keynote address by Dr. Jeffrey Cole, director of USC’s Center for the Digital Future. He is slated to “provide an overview of the technology landscape and how it impacts people’s lives and content companies.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.