AT&T Launching Scripted Series on Snapchat

Maybe Snapchat won't be just for teens for very long.

Snapchat was the Fastest Growing Social App of 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]AT&T announced today that it’s going to launch a superhero series on Snapchat.

It’ll be called “Snapperhero,” and consist of twelve episodes that will disappear in 24 hours. AT&T will be grabbing YouTube stars to be in the show and the cast will ask viewers what they want to see on the show. Variety reports that:

Anna Akana, a Japanese-American filmmaker known for the short films she creates on her YouTube channel; Freddie Wong, known for his work with the YouTube channel RocketJump; Harley Morenstein, host of the YouTube cooking show “Epic Meal Time”; and Jasmeet Singh, a comedian known as “JusReign” with a large social-media following…The cast will seek fan input about superhero identities, costumes, even plotlines.

This isn’t the first time AT&T has dabbled in content. Their @SummerBreak series, which rolled out on Twitter and Tumblr, had over 60 million views. The show will be available by following @snapperhero and will start sometime next month. It’s interesting that the show won’t be archived or available on Tumblr after the fact. It’ll be there and it’ll be gone, “like a piece of cake,” according to Shaun McBride, who will serve as a member of the cast and as creative director on the show.

It’s all coming through social channels, too. A popular visual effects team with over 3 million YouTube subscribers, Corridor Digital will direct the series.

Take this as a warning: if you don’t already use Snapchat because you think it’s for kids, it might be time to download it, especially since television brands and news outlets are getting in on it via the Discovery feature announced earlier this week. Anyone else remember thinking Facebook was just for college kids?

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