Author Suggests Introverts Avoid Coffee Before Important Meetings

coffee cupAn intriguing interview in New York Magazine sheds lights on introverts and coffee. While the topics haven’t really been fleshed out before, it makes sense.

Psychologist and author Brian Little explains in the piece:

“After ingesting about two cups of coffee, extraverts carry out tasks more efficiently, whereas introverts perform less well. This deficit is magnified if the task they are engaging in is quantitative and if it is done under time pressure.

For an introvert, an innocent couple cups of coffee before a meeting may prove challenging, particularly if the purpose of the meeting is a rapid-fire discussion of budget projections, data analysis, or similar quantitative concerns. In the same meeting, an extroverted colleague is likely to benefit from a caffeine kick.”

The author of Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being mentions introverts and extroverts have different levels of neocortical arousal, meaning their brains respond differently to environmental alertness.

Introverts are more easily stimulated whereas extroverts typically are not. Now, the piece isn’t suggesting introverts avoid coffee altogether. They should simply be aware there may be some times that are less beneficial to drink it, that’s all.

He adds, “Later in the day would be better. “At any rate, they should try not to have caffeine right before something like an important meeting, as I say in the book.”