Auto Companies, M.I.A., Twitter (And the Giants) Among the Big Super Bowl Winners

According to nearly two-thirds of  PRNewser poll takers, this year’s Volkswagen ad won’t create more buzz than last year’s “The Force.” Today, many are declaring the car ads the overall winners of last night’s Super Bowl advertising showdown, though it looks like Acura, Honda, and Chrysler, which used Clint Eastwood’s famous rasp to send its emotional message about a strong Detroit, are getting special top honors.

That was clearly the message from the Wall Street Journal, which conducted a reader poll and interviewed a number of ad agency execs. Doritos was also a favorite, according to Brand Bowl 2012, which tracked 400,000 tweets. Ogilvy PR’s Rohit Bhargava bestows “best marketing strategy” honors on Samsung.

Other winners mentioned across the Web: Adriana Lima, dogs, babies, and A-list celebs. One A-list celeb that definitely scored was Madonna, who put on a top-notch show. Some of the people we watched with didn’t know who M.I.A. was when she took the stage. Today everyone knows who she is because she flipped the bird. NBC Sports issued an apology for the gesture.

Also getting some day-after chatter for off-color comments, Giselle Bündchen. She railed against the Patriots receivers who weren’t catching hubby, Tom Brady’s, passes.

And the final big winner of the night: Twitter, which clocked 10,000 tweets per second during the last three minutes of the game.

Above, we have a recap of the evening, care of Stuart Elliott and CBS This Morning. Any favorites or highlights you’d like to point out? The comments section is open.

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