Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer Leaks; Marvel Embraces Crisis

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Hell hath no fury like a Comic Con nerd bent on finding a trailer and leaking it.

This has consistently been the plight of Stan Lee and Marvel Studios — how to protect the brand from making a movie public before the marketing campaign is ready. Granted, it’s only a week early, but is nothing sacred, people?!

Marvel Studios was forced to release the official trailer (in all of its glorious HD viewing pleasure) thanks to some troll out there with too much time on his hands who somehow posted the video. Many companies would have flipped out, but it takes a superhero to embrace a crisis…fittingly, Marvel did just that

Marvel is still trying to push ratings for its meh TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. up and wanted to use the trailer to do it.

With its highly anticipated trailer for the Avengers sequel in the purview of every self-proclaimed comic nerd and everyone else who refuses to admit they purchase every superhero movie on the market (names withheld to protect the innocent…from my bride’s Facebook laughter), Marvel was going to launch the campaign next week during the first commercial break of the TV show. Great plan — until some schmuck ruined everything.

There was nothing Marvel could do when it leaked and it went viral in minutes. So, like any super PR team would do, Marvel found a way to make it a #PRWin.

*Slow clap applause*

This worked. To date, those two words have seen 27K retweets and 20K favorites! Mission accomplished. Now get your popcorn and enjoy.

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