Which Channels Convert the Most #B2B Customers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which Channels Convert the Most B2B Customers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you want your business to business (B2B) brand to convert in 2015, invest in employee and customer referrals, your website and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, reveals a new study.

In an analysis of hundreds of B2B companies, Implisit found that employee and customer referrals converted customers better than any other channel (3.63 percent) – more than twice as well as the business’ own website (1.55 percent), which finished in second place.

Social media was third with a conversion rate of 1.47 percent. However, social media converted opportunities to deals at a better rate than websites, and more than three times as well as webinars.

The study also noted that it takes 84 days on average to convert a lead into an opportunity, and 18 days to convert an opportunity into a deal.

Which Channels Convert the Most B2B Customers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Implicit.)