Back to the Future: Sony Relaunches the Walkman


(Photo Credit: Sony) 

GenXers are (sort of) rejoicing upon hearing the CES 2015 news that Sony remembers its roots.

Before the days of those newfangled iPhones and sundry MP3 players, there was the Walkman. It played these things called cassettes, which produced music via a magical ribbon. And kids could purchase these contraptions in mystical places called “record stores.”

I know, right?

Anyway, this device was about the size of a small block of cheese, but it worked…until the day the music died (so to speak) with the advent of Napster and iTunes. Sony hearkened back to those days of real-world “profit” at this year’s nerd Super Bowl. The price tag, however, may turn some heads…

It’s called the Sony Walkman ZX2.

This 2008 smartphone meets first-generation iPod is supposed be the next big thing — HD audio, Wi-Fi- and NFC-enabled, and 128GB of built-in storage. It’s everything the crusty progenitor of audiophile xanadu was supposed to be, but for the fact that Sony would like you to pay $1,200 for it.

According to Business Insider, Sony is pushing the Walkman as “the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies.” What does that mean? Who knows, but there’s an extra microSD slot if that would help. What about 60 hours on each full charge? This video from The Verge is maybe supposed to get you excited. The video doesn’t begin to explain how the new device is better than your Spotify-enabled smartphone, but we’re sure they’ll get around to it eventually…

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