Barnes & Noble Pitches International App Developers

Barnes & Noble is reportedly beginning to court app developers overseas. At an event called Mobile Monday London, the company confirmed that it is going to release the Nook overseas and tried to get developers excited about the device.

While developers had lots of questions around such things as how international consumers will be able to make purchases without a U.S. credit card (right now a U.S. card is required), how developers will be paid in their own currency and how many Nook devices are projected to sell overseas, the presentation focused on vague marketing details.

For example, Barnes & Noble is targeting moms and has even gone so far as to nickname the Nook Tablet customer “Julie.” Seeking Alpha has more: “‘Julie’ does not like to consume apps on phones because she is ‘a bit afraid of data consumption,” and because of that B&N has found a good way to market apps to her: by making them free when she is in the store to try them out. This, she calls, “approaching the device from a content perspective.'”

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