Battle of the Twitter Titans? Microsoft and Google Both Express Interest

Regardless of the fact Twitter makes no money, and thus far no one has figured out a way to make money from the microblogging service that has saturated the media landscape in the past few months, everyone wants a piece (including Facebook, who recently based their enormously unpopular redesign on Twittery features).
Rumors have been circulating for the last few weeks that Google has been making moves to purchase the site. Now AllThingsD is reporting that Microsoft and Google are both in talks with the company.

[There is] much talking related to possible product and distribution partnerships, centered around Google or Microsoft, especially around a deal to become the one to exclusively deliver search or other similar services to Twitter properties.
The reason for the interest? Many think Twitter’s real-time search of its 140-character “tweets” posted by users on the service will become the next great battlefield in search. Google currently dominates the general search market, with third-place Microsoft struggling to get more share.

Of course the concern is Twitter could just be another Silicon Alley flash in the pan, and/or that they may take the Facebook road and not sell at all.

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