Battle for the Throne Launches on iOS in North America

Battle for the ThroneToast, the mobile publishing arm of NHN Entertainment USA, has announced the release of Battle for the Throne on iOS devices in North America. The kingdom-building game has already found success in Korea, and combines elements from “social war” games, as well as card battle and city-building games. In Battle for the Throne, players can collect and upgrade a team of heroes as they battle against other players in real-time.

Battle for the Throne takes players to a land rocked by civil war, as they must work to capture the throne from the Devan Army, which has used its strength in numbers to overtake the kingdom’s villages. Players have a town as their home base, and can expand their area of influence by completing exploration missions into enemy territory. Players must complete multiple missions in each territory before they can claim it from the Devan Army, and players use energy to complete these missions.

Battle for the ThroneWhile exploring, players will complete battles against soldiers in the Devan Army, as well as against large area bosses. During an encounter, the player’s units (represented by collectible cards) battle automatically, and players can toggle the battle speed, either quickly skipping to the end, or watching each attack and defense play out. The player levels up over time, and gamers may earn equipment that can be locked onto their heroes to make them stronger as well.

Back at town, players can recruit new heroes at the Tavern, and spend any lesser heroes on upgrades for those they’d like to keep. Users can also upgrade their city’s facilities to increase their resource production rates for food and gold. These two are used in combination to increase the city’s defenses from oncoming attacks (including those from other real players), as one example.

Players are led through the game via a quest system, and will earn free premium currency as they complete specific in-game tasks. This premium currency can be used to speed up timed actions, or even persuade enemy heroes to work for the player. To be specific, players may capture enemy heroes during battle, and these are left in the town’s prison until they can be persuaded to join the player’s team, or until they escape.

In addition to player-vs-player battles, other social features allow users to join legions with other players (think guilds) and chat in real time with those legion members.

Battle for the Throne is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is also available to download on the Google Play store.