Battlefront Mars: Build a Base and Command an Army on Facebook

Battlefront MarsIn SpinPunch Games’ Battlefront Mars, players are led into the middle of an interplanetary war on Facebook, as the discovery of water on Mars triggers hyper-colonization of the planet. Refugees have fled Earth looking for a better life, and players can give it to them by creating a base on the Red Planet and defending it from pirates and invaders. Battlefront Mars offers base-building combat gameplay, as users balance the use of resources as they complete quests and grow their army.

Gameplay in Battlefront Mars focuses on the collection and use of iron and water. Users build harvesters to gather water and iron continually over time, and these resources are used to accomplish most tasks within the game. This includes everything from recruiting new military units to upgrading and building additional structures on the base.

Players can build an academy to unlock advanced military units, generators to supply the base with more power (a secondary kind of resource), storage buildings to hold more water and iron, defensive structures like turrets and cannons, and so on. Many of these items are limited, so players can’t build an unlimited supply of water harvesters, for instance.

Users can collect additional resources via their Logistics Dispatch center, which allows users to complete timed missions for varying amounts of resources. Users can initiate a dispatch to receive 250 units of water in five minutes, for instance. If players wait 30 minutes, that increases to 1,500 water, and so on. The list of available missions refreshes every few hours, and players can choose to receive notifications when missions longer than four hours in length finish.Battlefront MarsThe game’s story plays out in quests on the base, and in battles against AI opponents. During battle, players select the units they’d like to deploy, and can do so in groups outside of the enemy base’s borders. Units attack nearby structures and enemies automatically, but players can also micromanage their troops by clicking on individual units (or right clicking to select large groups) and then clicking on the object or enemy they’d like the units to attack.

Units are damaged or injured during battle. These units can be repaired slowly using water and iron, or repaired instantly using premium currency. Premium currency can also be used to purchase upgrades and new buildings instead of spending resources, or to speed up the construction time of items on the base.

As players level up, and build or upgrade specific structures, they’ll unlock social play in the form of clans and player-vs-player combat. Gamers can purchase shields for their base with premium currency, ensuring other real players can’t attack their base for varying amounts of time (depending on the shield). Players can also chat with others in real time.

Battlefront Mars is available to play for free on Facebook.

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