Bay Buchanan’s Book on Boys

Imagine our delight when we opened up the mailbox here at the Fishbowl to find an advance copy of conservative pundit Bay Buchanan’s upcoming book, “Bay and Her Boys.” It’s a book all about Buchanan’s struggles to raise her three boys by herself. While we couldn’t be bothered to read the thing in its entirety, we did flip through the pages scouring for tidbits. Which led us to this completely accurate excerpt from the book.

“I recounted Billy’s wild and crazy adventures as a male pimp. I described his drug habits and how he went from using to dealing. I explained that it was a gradual decline, a slippery slope that led him to his current lifestyle.”

This is HARDLY the prose we expected when we cracked open a Bay Buchanan book. In context, she was recounting a story about when one of her sons, Stuart, pranked his brother, Billy. Stuart filled out a college application form for Billy with the anecdote listed above. We can only hope that the rest of the book is filled with such entertaining stories. What, you don’t expect us to read the whole thing for you, do you?