Beard Baubles Are Sold Out, But You Can Still Wear ‘Christmas on Your Face’ For Charity

635538892045561108-BB3-hiresWith only days until Christmas, many have already lit their trees, decked their halls, and donned hideously awesome holiday sweaters, so they may be under the misguided impression that they simply have nothing left to decorate. There may, however, be one long-neglected potential canvas left to adorn with holiday sparkle; what about the beards?

As you may have heard, ad agency Grey London heard the cries of barren beards everywhere and responded with a solution that is not only undeniably decorative, but — in keeping with the holiday spirit — highly charitable.

Enter: Beard Baubles.

The perfect last minute gift for the Lumbersexual in your life, these festive facial focal points promised to not only update your guy’s No Shave November fuzz for the holiday season, but proceeds from the sales of the beard-dwelling ornaments went to support Beard Season, an Australia-based beard-growing campaign that supports melanoma awareness. As of December 13, over £3,000 had been raised for the charity.

Grey London’s Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford came up with the idea while deciding what to do for the company’s Christmas card. Their goal had been to “do something famous or do something good — ideally both.”

And if the product’s Twitter and Facebook pages are any indication, theirs won’t be the only Christmas card featuring flashy facial hair this year; demand has been so high that the supply simply couldn’t keep up, and the official “Sold Out” announcement hit Twitter on Sunday.

But fear not! The agency is auctioning off one pack of limited edition baubles on Ebay, and all profits will go to the same charity (ad agencies know a thing or two about incentive-to-buy). Plus, like Frosty the Snowman, we’ve been assured that Beard Baubles will return next year. In the meantime, Grey has created this how-to video so that you can make your very own version of the tiny ornaments.

Of course, you can still donate as well.