Ben & Jerry’s Shows Us How to Do CSR on YouTube

The brand is nothing if not consistent with its messaging

Ben & Jerry’s made headlines everywhere this week (literally) with a new product launch, leaving other food companies to wonder how they could get 40,000 “likes” for a Huffington Post story explaining what “Speculoos Cookie Core” means via Pinterest-ready images.

The company got less attention for this video, which provides us with a succinct summary of its ongoing CSR efforts:

While this one didn’t spawn headlines, it’s a good illustration of a brand that has gone all-in on social responsibility.

Further evidence of that fact: YouGov notes that positive impressions of the company have decreased slightly over the past few months. This change almost certainly came from company co-founder Jerry Greenfield’s decision to play a very active role in the ongoing debate over genetically modified organisms and their labeling as well as various labor issues that endear him more to the left side of the political spectrum than the right. The fact that this decision also put the company at odds with parent organization Unilever only encourages the perception that its founders value CSR principles above other business concerns.

B&J is a very good example of a brand that stays true to its identity not with flashy campaigns but with consistent messaging via content like the video above.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.