Wreck This App

Keri Smith’s bestselling Wreck This Journal, a subversive guide that encourages readers to make a mess of the book and even destroy it, has been formatted into an iOS app.

While Wreck This App does not encourage you to destroy your iPad, it does encourage reckless behavior on the pages of the app. With the subtitle “To create is to destroy” in mind, users are invited to “scribble violently”, “color outside of the lines,” and “pretend you are doodling on the back of an envelope while on the phone.”

The fact that you are doing these things on your device requires restraint you wouldn’t need with a book, it’s got some fun digital elements to it. This includes the ability to paint a rainbow of different colors, as well as the ability to export your creations and share them over email or through the usual social networks. Check out the above video to see a demo of the app.

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