Better Call Saul Has a Music Video, But We Still Know Very Little About the Show

And that's all right!

In a media world where secrets are pretty hard to keep, it’s incredible that a popular, Emmy winning show like Breaking Bad could have a spin-off coming starring one of its most popular characters and we still have very little to go on.

But that’s the case for Better Call Saul, the origin story that traces the life of everyone’s favorite corrupt fixer, Saul Goodman. Up until yesterday, we had a Twitter page, a couple of minuscule teasers, and a hint, care of the creators, Vince Gill and Peter Gould.

Now we also have a country music video, filled with Albuquerque desert, spinning signs and old-timey TVs. And a few shots of Saul right at the end.

There’s something to be said for the element of surprise. Rolling Stone digs for clues in the lyrics, which is performed by Junior Brown, but was written by Gill and Gould. The most we can really say is that there will be wrongdoing, shenanigans and Saul’s comb over. Which is fine. We honestly already know quite a bit about Saul from Breaking Bad, so there’s no reason to ruin any surprises. Get people interested enough to show up for the premiere, then let the story unravel in a way that brings people back. Sometimes, when revealing a debut, slow and steady wins the race.

The show doesn’t debut until February and it’s already been renewed. So there’s plenty of time to come up with hashtags (#LawyerUp) and build excitement for what’s sure to be a weird, funny and pretty great show.  In the meantime, we’ve got The Walking Dead on Sunday, which we’re sooo excited about.