Biased My Ass!

Thanks to Newsbusters, a new feature is born. It’s called “Biased My Ass” and it concerns the avalanche of conservative media outlets coming down hard on so-called members of the “mainstream media” for being good liberally biased soldiers in the tank for President Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party.

As we’ve noted before, sometimes they get it right (pun intended) and build a decent case. But other times they appear to have their heads clogged as there is no discernible bias going on except the one in their own vivid imaginations.

So get out the unicorns and grab a box of popcorn. Today we begin a recent Newsbusters story that goes after White House reporters for supposedly giving advice to the Obama Camp. The headline: “Obama’s Chummy Press Corps Offers David ‘Axe’ Axelrod Their Advice for President”

In the story, Tim Graham of Newsbusters refers to White House reporters such as NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Andrea Mitchell as “amateur Obama advisors.” The only thing amateur here is Graham’s hollow assertion that the Press Corp questioning Obama aides about his poor debate performance translates to “advice.” It was the story every major and minor news outlet was talking about last week. What were they supposed to ask about — Bo’s birthday?

Mitchell’s BIG piece of advice? “I’m wondering whether the president, whether you have rethought the strategy of not bringing up either women’s issues, or the 47 percent or some of the other issues that have worked so well for you in your campaign advertising and in your stump speech?” Mitchell asked. Perhaps — and just perhaps — Mitchell said it “worked well” because it worked well and the poll numbers indicated as much as the gap widened in states such as Ohio.

But Mitchell isn’t the lone “advisor.” They also call out NYT‘s Mark Leibovich for daring to have a relationship with Axelrod, which, by the way, many reporters do. Leibovich wrote, “You ate your tweeties today, Axe. Impressed.” They refer to Leibovich as “reporter/manservant.” It’s not unusual for journalists to be friendly and –gasp!– even joke with aides, be it on Capitol Hill or the White House.

Read the full story here that includes five other non-examples of non-advice for Team Obama.