Here’s an Example of How Comedians Are Joking About Cosby

The set-up, shared Monday night December 15 by veteran stand-up comic Dom Irrera from the stage of The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles: “I was raped by Bill.”


And for those interested, here is the rest of the gag, courtesy of a tipster who was in attendance and showed us the Smartphone video.

“Late seventies, early eighties… You know what these big-mouthed women are doing? They’re ruining it for the people who like getting raped.”

“I couldn’t come unless he did the Fat Albert voice. Put me over the top.”

The audience laughed fairly heartily, although of course a good chunk of that might have been nervous reaction. The Irrera riff is a reminder that in stand-up comedy clubs, nothing is off-limits. From the bowels of a world that lit the spark on this thing in the first place.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.