Bill Maher Losing Hope That President Obama Will Appear on Real Time

Only six more possible shows left.

At the end of Friday’s Real Time With Bill Maher Overtime session, Bill Maher noted that there are just six episodes left on which President Obama can appear. The comedian remains at a loss as to why POTUS has bypassed the program and admitted he was “losing hope” this situation can be rectified.

Maher then turned to Maureen Dowd, sitting to his immediate left, and asked for her thoughts. She is, after all, someone who has supported the idea of President Obama gracing Real Time. “I don’t understand how you lost out to Bear Grylls and Anthony Bourdain,” Dowd replied. “That’s embarrassing. Even that girl with the green lipstick.”

Dowd is referring to YouTube personality GloZell, who got to sit down with Obama in January 2015.

At the beginning of this year, Maher chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about turning 60 and petitioning the White House. Kimmel agreed it’s crazy such an interview has not taken place, especially he joked since Maher in 2012 donated $1 million to an Obama SuperPAC.

Update (Oct. 28):
Miracle of all miracles; President Obama has agreed to appear on the show. The resulting interview will air Nov. 4.

Update (Nov. 4):
Here’s the full interview.

Screen grab via: YouTube

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