Two Seconds of Deafening Bill Simmons Silence

During a recent B.S. Report, Bill Simmons didn’t just curb his enthusiasm for a fellow ESPN-er. He brought that sentiment to a screeching halt.

Or so thinks Colin Cowherd, hilariously, commenting this morning to his viewers and listeners “how jealous” Simmons sounded when guest Larry David revealed that he likes to watch ESPN “studio shows” while working out. When Simmons asked which ones, the funnyman replied: “I love Colin…”

Once David confirmed he was talking about Cowherd, there were two full seconds of stunned silence at the Simmons end. Followed by a puzzled, “Interesting?!”

There’s plenty of other great stuff covered (as B.S. usual) during the David discussion. Example: “I love that you keep challenging yourself,” says Bill. “I don’t,” complains Larry.

But within the halls of The Mothership, these two seconds will live on in kibitz infamy.

P.S. In exchange for an interesting tip via email, the author of this item will provide the exact run point in the podcast when the above exchange occurs.

[Photo of David at November 2014 premiere of Dumb and Dumber To: Helga Esteb/]

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