Bill Simmons Returns to ESPN

simmonsAs Bill Simmons returns today to ESPN after serving out his three-week suspension, a number of questions linger. All of which are solidly addressed by New York Times writers Jonathan Mahler and Richard Sandomir.

1) How much does Simmons have left on his current contract with ESPN?

One year.

2) Who are the role models for Simmons, should he choose to go the non-traditional route?

Howard Stern and Glenn Beck.

3) How upset is Simmons that ESPN suspended him for his podcast comments about Roger Goodell?

That’s a tougher one to answer, since Simmons understandably wouldn’t comment to the reporters. But here’s what they determined:

Since his suspension, Simmons has surfaced only in snapshots on his Instagram account — Simmons at the beach, Simmons on the golf course — seemingly designed to let ESPN know that he’s enjoying his time off. But people close to Simmons say he is furious and has been talking a lot about whether ESPN is still the right place for him. He has threatened to leave ESPN before, but this is the most pitched moment yet in their fraught relationship.

With regards to following in Stern and Beck’s very successful footsteps, the writers get some input toward the end of the article from Kenneth Lerer, chairman of BuzzFeed and co-founder of The Huffington Post. Simmons might want to pay special attention to those words.

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