Social Apps Make Big Splash on Bing’s Most-Searched List

Social media apps were a hot topic in 2014 for Microsoft's Bing.


Ah, December. Holiday season is in full swing, which also signals the time of year when we reflect on the 11 months that came before. With that spirit in mind, Microsoft Bing posted a list of the top searches on the Bing search engine indicating that social media apps were a hot topic in 2014.

After culling through all the Bing searches occurring in the U.S. this year, Microsoft found that despite its misgivings, Facebook was still the top searched mobile app. Given the launch of Paper, the social network’s Messenger app and continuous conversations about privacy settings, it’s easy to understand why mobile consumers wanted information on Facebook.

Twitter came in second, and the ever-growing Instagram was the third-most popular search item for Bing users. Fourth, fifth and sixth placed Skype, Vine and Snapchat, respectively. Even WhatsApp showed up in the No. 8 spot of the hottest apps. Gaming apps including Farmville and Candy Crush made appearances on this list, too.

What can we take from this data? Social media apps are hot — and not losing steam.

And if people weren’t searching directly for knowledge of their favorite social media apps, they were searching for and communing around topics that played out heavily on social media this year, like the World Cup (which was dubbed the most “social” sporting event of all time), the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl and the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Bing also notes that sports news dominated the news cycle in 2014, with the World Cup being the highest-searched story of the year.

Not surprisingly, Bing created a category for most popular YouTube sensations in its roundup, (some of which may shock you.)

You can take a look at Bing’s extended list of most-searched topics, including celebrities, TV shows and fashion, here.

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