Bingo by GamePoint Launches on iPhone

Bingo By GamePointMultiplayer social game developer GamePoint has launched Bingo by GamePoint on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The game was previously released on Facebook and iPad, and allows players to play on multiple cards at once, daubing numbers to create Bingos in real time against other players. The game aims to provide an authentic Bingo experience, and doesn’t include any of the “modern” power-up features present in other titles.

In each round of Bingo by GamePoint, players daub numbers as they’re called across the top of the screen, but the card isn’t removed from play when a single Bingo has been formed. In this way, users can keep playing until the very end of the round, potentially winning multiple prizes per card in each game.

The game also offers cross-room, cross-region SuperBingo jackpot rounds, which are triggered after a pot is filled by users across dozens or even hundreds of game rooms around the world. Similarly, users can chat with others in “mass chats” of up to 500 people per room, or chat privately with others across rooms and across games. When active, the chat feature sees the rest of the game automatically resized, so users can chat and play Bingo simultaneously.

“Our aim has always been offering a close simulation of the real Bingo hall experience. Doing that on mobile has been a challenge resulting in over 2 years of development. With the help of a group of very fanatical GamePoint Bingo players (thanks all!), we’ve managed to integrate almost all features the game has on web, while still presenting it in a package that makes sense on a mobile phone,” says Amon Endt, CEO of GamePoint, in a statement. “Admittedly, development took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we feel that the product profited immensely from the time we put in.”

Bingo by GamePoint is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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