Bitstrips Launches Bitmoji Personalized Emoji App on iOS

Bitmoji-Promo-HappyBitstrips, creators of the popular Facebook and mobile application that allows users to place cartoon avatars of themselves in various situations, has announced the launch of Bitmoji, its customizable emoji sharing app, on iOS devices. Bitmoji expands upon the principle of Bitstrips, as users can create an avatar to represent them, and then use that created avatar in expressive emojis when talking to friends.

After downloading Bitmoji, users with an existing Bitstrips account can login to see their existing avatar imported into the app. If users are new to the platform, they can create their own avatar using different hair styles, accessories, face shapes and more. From there, the avatar is automatically placed into hundreds of Bitmojis, many of which come with props of some kind (like a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween, as one example).

Bitmojis are split into sections based on mood, from happy and sad to funny and affectionate. A user’s most recently used Bitmojis are displayed front and center within the app for easier repeated usage. A “popular” section is also present.

In addition to pulling images directly from the app, users can turn on the Bitmoji keyboard from their device’s keyboard settings menu, and access these Bitmoji images as a new keyboard while typing in the Messages app (here, the recently used listings aren’t available). The keyboard includes a QWERTY text keyboard so users technically never have to turn the Bitmoji keyboard off. When using the Bitmoji service as a keyboard, users tap on an image to automatically copy it, and must then paste it into the message field before sending.

Back in the overall app, users can tap on a Bitmoji to share it out to Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, email and so on. Users can also save a Bitmoji to their camera roll for sharing on other platforms.

Bitmoji is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app was previously released on Google Play.

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