Black Prostitute Took Quinn Bradlee’s V-Card & $35?

The Times (UK), recently published an extract from Quinn Bradlee’s upcoming book A Different Life. Slated for release on May 7th, the below excerpt promises to expose a very “different” side of the famous media family:

So I found an empty seat and sat down. The next thing I knew, a girl had come over to me and sat down on my lap. She had skin that was as dark as the night sky and black curly hair that came down to her shoulders. As she sat there, I very nervously and slowly put both of my arms around her waist. I had no idea what to do.
She stood up, took my hand and led me to a paying stand. It looked very much like a booth where you’d buy tickets for a play. After I’d paid $35, she took me down a narrow hall with red doors on each side and then into one of the rooms. I was still a little confused about what was happening.
When she started to take off her clothes, I finally realized what was going on. Once she got on the bed, I immediately and nervously took off all my clothes, too. You can guess what happened next…

Th Times has more here.

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