Celebrity Photographer Blake Little Experiments with Honey

BlakeLittleVeteran magazine editor Richard Pérez-Feria knows Blake Little’s work intimately. He has over the years frequently commissioned the famed LA-based photographer to shoot celebrities and has a portrait shot by Little of actress Sonia Braga hanging in his home.

When Pérez-Feria recently caught up with Little for a Q&A for 50+ focused website NowItCounts, the photographer – whose career trajectory mirrors that of early subject Tom Cruise – spoke about a new, intriguing focus. One that is sure to garner much more attention starting at the end of this year:

“My brand new body of work is called Preservation. I photographed 90 people — men, women, children from age two to 85 – all completely covered in honey. Preservation will be published this December and exhibited at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles in March 2015.”

“Preservation began through a process of experimenting with honey. Initially, I started shooting the way it pours and drips on just the face or specific areas of the body. After several sessions, it became clear that completely covering the figure as much as possible and with varying thicknesses created a quality that I had never seen before. The honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of the subjects, often making them unrecognizable and democratizing their individual traits into something altogether different and universal.”

Preservation has already garnered Little a 2012 citation from the International Photography Awards (IPA). He’s posted a few photos from the project on his personal website. NowItCounts at their end has a nice slide show of Little’s celebrity portraits, including the aforementioned Braga shot.

[Photo courtesy: blakelittle.com]

[H/T: The Huffington Post]

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