Blogger Gets Caught With His Pants Down

Is conservative blogger and BigGovernment Contributor Dan Riehl unaware that the male physique is not necessarily something you want all hanging out there like coconuts?

Apparently not. But we’ll return to this later. More noteworthy as of late is his peculiar journalistic judgment.

Over the weekend Riehl used a four-year-old girl to take revenge on The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor, who wrote a simple aggregated story on Mike Tyson‘s vile sexual thoughts on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The story stemmed from Tyson’s remarks to a Las Vegas radio station. Riehl was incensed. He’s a big Palin fan and “big” would be putting it mildly. He wept while watching a film that he said stole her innocence: “When I see innocence attacked so viciously I become very angry. My tears flowed from that, not so much from sympathy for her as an individual.”

So what does Riehl do? As an act of chivalry, he looked up pictures of Poor’s four-year-old niece on Facebook and at 3 a.m. (not at all a shady hour to post) published a story on his blog suggesting that Poor is a pedophile. He linked to photographs of the little girl. He based his accusations of Poor on a remark made three years ago regarding football and homosexuals.

Poor had posted a photograph on his Facebook page on the campus of Vanderbilt University in front of the set of ESPN College Gameday in October 2008, before the Auburn-Vanderbilt game. Just so happened there was a guy in the corner of the image, and the caption was – “In front of the set of ESPN College Gameday at Vanderbilt University, the training ground for closet homosexuality.” Go figure how that equals pedophilia.

By noon Saturday, The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson had contacted Riehl to insist he remove the post. He obliged.

The story gets more disturbing. It’s not as if Riehl is concerned with the innocence of all women — just Palin. In his own life he objectifies them in crass ways as evidenced by an interview he gave to Jeff Pearlman last month. The quotes on “innocence” are from that interview.

Some fun parts:

Would you rather take a two week vacation with Jimmy Carter, Al Gore or Walter Mondale? Riehl: “It would depend on which one has the hottest daughters.”

Your favorite Democrat (for real—not sarcastically):
Riehl: “The hottest looking serving female. I’d have to research that.”

On the gay lobby: “A little more maturity and a few less raging drag queens, or bitchy bull dykes would be a nice thing to see.”

On a date with a woman: “I pulled off somewhere, we parked, walked into the trees and came upon this really terrific field of grass. I put a blanket down—had it in my trunk—got high and one thing led to another. Evidently, it was very good hash.”

FishbowlDC reached Riehl for comment, questioning him on the hypocrisy of defending Palin’s innocence while attempting to steal it from a little girl. “I’m content with everything I’ve said and done in this, including in my non-related interview with Jeff Pearlman,” he wrote FishbowlDC. “If you wish to come after me, as your questions suggest, I’ll defend it on my blog where I maintain editorial control and consider that perhaps you owe Carlson, or the Daily Caller tabloid a favor.”

In the “worst date story” above he alluded to “Gina” performing a sexual act he didn’t object to while 18-wheelers drove by honking their horns in approval. He then drove her home where her mother was waiting for her in the doorway. It was the last time he would ever see her.

The woman tells Riehl not to bother walking her to the door. Which was a relief considering Riehl was real naked from the waist down. He had driven from the er, romantic, outdoor grassy scene to the woman’s house sans clothing from the waist down.

Which is a great metaphor for this guy — caught with his pants down in more ways than one.

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